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Sex at Dawn (I'm for it ... Galahad sleeps on)

I just finished this book and I thought it was fascinating. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it in other blogs. Its (very well researched) premise is that our agrarian society has messed up a good thing.

Yep - lots of fodder for some blog topics. One topic is that the bonobos (apes that are our closest relations according to DNA evidence) are matriarchal and peaceful. Sex is used for social bonding and to settle differences ... seemingly to the mutual benefit of all. Boy bonobos aren't picking fights because ... well, there is enough to eat and plenty of sex.

Do I think we should be changing the very fabric of our own culture to imitate our ape cousins? Well, yes, maybe I do. BUT I know that isn't ever going to happen. So girlfriends, you need not grip your husbands quite so tightly when you come visit. I am highly unlikely to invite you both in and suggest we run upstairs to the bedroom for a group howdy hump.

However, it does make me sad, and somewhat wistful for an age where there was enough. Where there weren't haves and have nots. [And believe me, I am well aware that Galahad and I are firmly entrenched in Camp Have. To the point that my liberal sensibilities cringe at our: nice house; two cars that run just fine; adequate retirement account; college funds for our boys ...]

We started planting fields and more babies survived. We moved from a matriarchy with contented men to a patriarchy with subjugated women. Whereas bonobo females gave sex away with ease, (ok ... bonobo sex last from 7-15 seconds on average, so really, it's not that much of a hardship) to a culture that values ... yes, present tense ... women who demonstrate chastity, purity, modesty, and monogamy.

We became a culture that will elect a president who degrades women and acts like a beast ... except, beasts don't act like that. War to show power (now DT has his finger on a button in some room.) Sex to gain power (does anyone think any of DTs 15 wives married him for his charm and kindness?) Lots of protests and marches because we feel impotent and don't know how else to demonstrate our frustration.

Except. Maybe sex at dawn. Small kindnesses and connections that will draw us closer - to our mates, to our families, to our friends, to our neighborhoods, to our communities, to our cities, to our states, to our nations, to the world.

I'll start. Wake up, Galahad!

Note: You can find a link to the book on my resources page, here.)